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Illustrations have a growing focus in catalogues. Beyond traditional product illustration, international catalogues require pictograms in order to reduce the amount of text and improve legibility.

Photographs often ill-suit professional products: a drawing better reflects its key features. It should be both of a high graphic quality and accurate to meet raising expectations of professional clients.

Using pictograms is a key success factor for international, cross-media catalogues. Pictograms improve legibility as they reduce the amount of text and can be common on all media.

Illustrate products esthetically and precisely

By taking over Editechnic's activities, Abaque has acquired a reknowed know-how in the field of professional products illustration.

Products Illustrations

This know-how is fully expressed with simple and complex products, interpreting shapes to value the most important ones.

Aesthetical product illustration

Technical product illustration

In order to protect images from illegal copy, Abaque has developed a filigran technology

Filigran-protected illustration

Symbolic pictograms for multi-lingual catalogues

When designing an international, multi-lingual catalogue, we always make provision for pictograms. Pictograms advantageouly replace text to lighten page layout.

These pictograms were produced automatically from databaseMultiples pictograms can be generated automatically from products database.