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Design, Artwork, Publication

Developing and publishing a catalogue is just a way of bringing Products Information to life.

Though it may appear secondary, this phase carries important quality and efficiency stakes: mistake or inaccuracy may generate client complains, always costly in both financial and commercial terms.

Your Catalogues are strategic ? So is their Development.

A Rigorous, Quality-Oriented Development Methodology

With a rigorous methodology, Abaque puts Development Quality on top of its Service Offering. It makes our clients sure that the final Catalogue will fully comply with initial specification, and easily maintainable.

Abaque's Methodology covers the whole development chain: software architecture, algorithms, programs development and documentation, tests, validation, publication.

Client being sure to get state-of-the-art, robust and pre-tested proofs and deliverables, he can concentrate on his vital task: check Marketing Information validity

Publication can take several forms according to target medium:

  • Paper: films or ready-to-print files ;
  • CD ROM: master or duplicated CDs ;
  • Internet: In-house hosting or assistance for third-party hosting.

Abaque masters the whole development process untill client can deliver a valid Catalogue to its Target Market

Seasoned Professional Tools

Abaque's Catalogue know-how is concentrated in a software library with over 1 200 dedicated software modules. These modules are thoroughly tested to deliver total quality Catalogue developments.

More than 1 200 Catalogue-dedicated software modules for quick, safe and efficient developments

Abaque's Catalogue Modules Explorer

Abaque puts Test-Driven development Methodology into action : most Catalogue software modules have an associated auto-test method with which reliability and response time can be checked at any time

Result of an Abaque software module self-test

Result of an Abaque software module self-test