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Not all companies can afford an ideal Marketing Information / Content Management / Asset Management System! Product data are often scattered among multiple and heterogeneous sources, often maintained by different departments working with specific method and tools.

Catalogue Publishing should adapt to the real world and adapt to any given situation and organization, under any marketing constraints.

Companies should be able to choose an information system best suited to its ever changing competitive environment. The simplier information system is often the better.

Gather all Products Data into a single, central Database

Gather all Products Data into a single, central Database(4K)

Catalogue publication process should adapt to company's organization and procedures, not the opposite. Abaque developed an advanced Catalogue Publication Process able to adapt to any Products Database structure

In order to achieve this goal, Abaque developed a real expertise in data valuation consisting in several operational interfaces:

  • Import from any extant format: spreadsheet, database, plain text, …
  • Normalize types (dates, character, numbers, …), structure, encoding, etc.
  • Codify and create dictionaries
  • Compress <> Expand tables: detailed for update <> compact for publication
  • Merge into a single products database.

In case of discrepancy, our Data Valuation programs produce Data Discrepancy Warnings that help Product Manager improve data integrity. Click here to view samples Data Consistency Warnings produced for a real-life Catalogue (Excel Document Excel Workbook, 50 kb).

Thanks to these tools, each data source can be updated separately without spoiling the overall data validity. Our clients' Product Managers can produce effective and reliable catalogues without changing their working habbits and without costly Products Information System.