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Like for any Information System, successful catalogue projects mainly rely on sound specifications.

The more information should be fast and efficient, the more initial in-depth thinking need be pertinent.

Catalogue is just another Informations System

Abaque takes great care putting down clear and simple functional specifications, that marketing officers can easily validate. This specification document clearly states the target objective which can be checked all along the project development.

Our functional specifications addresses the catalogue from a products communication stand point: how information shall be structured, how clients access and navigate, whether textual or graphical information is more appropriate. Specifications take into account what kind of information is or could be made available, and what technology to use.
They always include templates of the pages or screens client will ultimately see, and architectural schemes showing how information will be processed.

The technical specifications never prevail on functional specifications, but comply with the communication target. The point is to identify, among all available technologies, which suits best the functional needs. Company's Computer specialists review technical specifications.

Factual and accurate specifications are the best Quality Inssurance for your catalogues.