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Le catalogue le plus efficace est celui où le client trouve ce qu'il cherche !

La forme et les repères visuels, la structure et la clarté de l'information doivent se conjuguer pour offrir au client une expérience de recherche agréable et productive.

Abaque helps you improve your Catalogues et Products Communication

Improving Products Communication Efficiency

For any target medium – Paper Catalogue, off-line Catalogue or On-line Catalogue – take advantage of a products database to enter a multi-dimensionnal space.

Communicating Products Wolrdwide

Since 1990, Abaque puts together 3 core competencies to help international professional clients set up their products database, design and publish their products catalogues on paper, CD–ROM and the Internet.

Database publishing provides large savings on paper catalogues publication, and ensures information is exactly the same in products database and in all catalogues, including paper. Extensive use of pictograms lowers language barriers and allows communicating products worldwide at reasonnable cost.

Communicating Products Intuitively

Using illustrations and pictogram instead of texts, designing ergonomic screens and Web pages, running on the fastest database engines, all should be done to reach catalogue's fundamental objective: let client find the product matching his needs as fast as possible. Abaque has set this goal on top of catalogues projects priorities.

Making Products Communication Safer

Based on a sound products database, a catalogue's success mainly rely on software development quality to deliver clients a robust application and accurate products information. Abaque uses state of the art development tools and an extensive, in-house developped, 100% catalogue-dedicated software library.

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