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Paper catalogue is still preferred by clients having no easy access to new technologies: craftsmen, stock-keepers, field technicians, construction workers, etc.

Competing with new electronic media, paper catalogues need experience both cost reduction and edition frequency increase.

Several evolutions can bring the expected benefit: internationalized content to reduce the number of local editions and increase the number of printed copies, automated publication, reduction in the number of colours, overseas printing.

These evolutions tend to draw pre-press, where automated data processing is key, out of the traditional graphic process.

Making Paper Catalogues both Richer and Simplier

Since 1990, Abaque achieves paper catalogues with house-developped automated publication tools (database publishing). Thanks to this experience, Abaque masters all steps of paper catalogues production:

Click here to view some pages in PDF Acrobat format (250 kb)

Click here to view some pages in PDF Acrobat format (600 kb)

Powerful and Reliable, Abaque automated layout technology produces the final catalogue without any manual rework. Click here to learn more about it …

This technology provides Abaque clients important cost and delay reductions for their catalogue projects:

  • Several local editions replaced by a single international edition:
    • Reduced pre-press cost
    • Reduced printing cost by increased number of copies
    • Simplified production process
  • Low pre-press cost sensibility to total number of pages,
  • Reduced cost and delay for proof reviews,
  • Reduced re-edition costs