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The CD-ROM based electronic catalogue suits frequent users particularly well: buyers, procurement officers, field salesmen, etc. It provides the same amount of information as an on-line catalogue, together with a better availability and faster responses.

If Internet enabled, an off-line CD-ROM catalogue can bring services similar to those of an on-line catalogue: e-mail exchanges, electronic ordering, downloaded updates, etc. with lower development and maintenance costs.

That is the reason why, despite the hype around on-line catalogues, the CD-ROM off-line catalogue remains of interest for the professional market.

Off-line Electronic Catalogue:
your Products Information at a Mouse Click.

With the latest development technologies, Abaque delivers very efficient electronic catalogues on CD-ROM, relying on a powerful database engine. Queries against a database containing a million records take less than half a second.

Texts and images are protected by an encryption technology, lowering the risk of data hacking by competitors.

 International car aftermarket spare parts CD-ROM electronic catalogue for Valeo ® Service Distribution

A CD ROM electronic catalogue can deliver advanced functionalities:

  • Customization: user may sort lists in preferred order, save specific commercial terms, etc.
  • Multimedia: sounds, images and video can be played from the CD-ROM instantly.
  • Internet able: the CD-ROM electronic catalogue can connect to the Internet to get some additional information about products, update catalogue data, exchange e-mails and/or files with customer service.
  • For instance, client may send an e-mail to his commercial rep or browse new products on a dedicated site. Vendor may distribute catalogue updates through e-mail, or get some information requests from clients and/or prospects. All these tools are accessible through the CD-ROM catalogue user interface.

  • Flexibility : user may install the whole catalogue on his computer hard disk and thus use it without the CD-ROM itself. A shortcut on the his computer desk grants him an instant access to the catalogue.
  • Links with other applications: the CD-ROM catalogue can interact with office application such as Microsoft Office Word or Excel ; for instance he may edit orders with MS Word.

Furthermore, with Abaque's ZenBuyer ™ - Ajax technology the CD-ROM user interface can be precisely cloned on the Internet: clients can switch seamlessly between media.

Thus CD-ROM (DVD-ROM) off-line catalogue is a valuable solution for global electronic marketing strategists. It provides frequent clients with fast, complete and up-to-date product information without Internet risks and constraints.