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Professional products always match a specific demand, in terms of application, technical and functional characteristics, compatibility. Differently from mass-market products, rational choice criteria are prominent to awareness or image factors.

Business to Business markets have an other specific aspect compared to mass-market: to fulfill a vast range of needs and constraints, products offer is often very wide. This diversity generates an important amount of data, and manually processing it would very risky in terms of precision and consistency.

Thus publishing professional BtoB catalogues relies on competencies that most "B to C" communication agencies just can't afford. In addition to basic communication know-how, one need to understand the professional context products are designed for, and master data processing tools and technologies

Abaque: since 1990, 3 core Competencies fully dedicated to Catalogues

Since inception in 1990, Abaque's core business is communicating large product portfolios with modern information technologies

This vision first expressed through Database Publishing, publishing paper catalogues from products database with automated layout tools processing both texts and images.

Abaque developped its first electronic catalogue no later than in 1991. Initially on floppy disk, this product rapidly upgraded toCD ROM then to the Internet with ZenBuyer ™.

Our services involve two competencies, synergetic though seldom combined: Products Communication and Information Technologies . Our team combines them into a formal Project Management Methodology.

Products Communication 

Products Communication can be considered as the art of organizing, shaping and illustrating products information so that any client, even without knowledge of that particular kind of products, can quickly apprehend relevant information.

Information Technologies 

In the field of Information Technologies, Abaque's core competency relates with relational database design and management: organizing and structuring data, loading data from heterogeneous sources, extracting, codifying, compressing, translating, etc.

On the database mainstay are developed three advanced Publication compentencies:

To stay as close as possible to latest technology trends, we spend over 15% of our resource in Research and Development.

Project Management 

Sound project management guarantees end-client satisfaction and reaching our client's marketing goals

To us, communication needs should always prevail on technology. Thus our projects always start with an accurate and pragmatic definition of final content, taking into account the information client can make available.

Content always dictates which and how technology should be utilized, how Abaque's and client contributions will cooperate, and deliverables client will review during project. Mostly important as deliverables are page / screen templates, and data processing algorithms. Thus client can be sure final result will fully match his marketing needs.

To each and every of our developments is associated a test scheme our team runs and checks before delivery. Our client can concentrate on checking results match initial specification.