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A Stable and Ergonomic Workspace

With most on-line catalogues, accessing a product requires selecting criteria on several distinct pages. During page load time - often long - page layout changes, display varies and seems unstable. User needs apprehend the structure of each new page before selecting a choice. He often has a hard time figuring at which step of the search process he actually is, previous choices being on different pages.

ZenBuyer makes searching easy and simple !

Selection criteria are grouped on a single page and dynamically refreshed after each user choice: select a vehicle maker and the populated models list appears ; select a model and the populated types list appears, etc.

With ZenBuyer, after each choice, lists are dynamically refreshed within the same page.

Evolutions are displayed within the very same page, with the same layout: client navigates in a stable workspace. Whatever request he makes, catalogue's look and feel is very similar to a regular office application.

Wider choices are presented on an overlayed form (within the page, no pop-up window) ; selected choice is duplicated on main form.

ZenBuyer Ajax technology allows making a choice on an dialog form.


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