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Brought exclusively by Abaque, On-Line ZenBuyer Catalogue provides a stable and ergonomic workspace where your clients will get, in outstanding response times, an answer for each and every request

Thanks to its exclusive technologies, the Relational multicriteria Search Engine and the Dynamic Data Refresh, ZenBuyer provides outstanding user experience and response time.

ZenBuyer Catalogue complies to Ajax Technology, a new and strong trend on the Internet since 2005.

Welcome in ZenBuyer ™ on-line Catalogue featuring Ajax Technology Demo Page

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You can change this setting by using the display properties dialog that may by opened in 2 different manners :

  • Right-click on the desktop background; a menu shall appear, select last line "Properties"


  • Open Control Panel (click Windows Start button, then select "Parameters", then "Control Panel"); double click icon named "Display"

In Display properties dialog, select the "Parameters" tab and move the slider named "display area" to reach a resolution at least 1024 x 768 pixels.

  • If you could change display resolution without restarting Windows, or if you do not wish to change itclick here.
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To run Ajax Technology, a component named "XML data exchange, alias XMLHTTP" needs be added to your browser.

To resume ZenBuyer demonstration, please install this component according to your broxwser's documentation.

For that purpose, you may follow the following procedure:

  1. Open Control Panel (click Windows Start button, then select "Parameters", then "Control Panel"); double click icon named "Display"
  2. Double-click icon named "add/remove programs", then select "Windows components"
  3. In the program list, select "Microsoft Internet Explorer and Internet Tools"
  4. Click the "Add/Remove …" button
  5. Select "Add a component" option, then click "OK"
  6. Check "DHTML data link" box or select "default installation" in the drop-down list
  7. Click "Next>" to start installation

When installation is finished, restart Windows and navigate back on present page

See you soon on zenBuyer…

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Vente de service en ligne (assurances)

CARAR risques automobiles malussé, aggravés ou résiliés

Air Travels

Air Travels

Automotive Components

Automotive Components

Portable Computers

Portable Computers

Portable Computers


à l'école du possible

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ZenBuyer's Ajax technology relies on JavaScript.

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