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On-line catalogue is the mainstay of electronic commerce. It fully meets the needs of occasional clients and serves as a valuable acquisition tool.

Today, many B to B on-line catalogues are difficult to navigate, present a complex client interface and have long response times. Facing continuously changing pages, user can hardly figure where he actually stands in his search experience. Sometimes, it simply takes him nowhere.

What if on-line catalogues were as user-friendly and fast as a local off-line application ?

With ZenBuyer ™ and its Ajax Technology, on-line catalogue becomes intuitive and fast.

Learn more about ZenBuyer, the intuitive Ajax-powered on-line catalogue, exclusively by Abaque

To deliver companies a truly intercative on-line catalogue solution, Abaque developped a multicriteria search engine putting the Ajax technology at work: ZenBuyer ™.

With ZenBuyer and its genuine AJAX search engine, on-line catalogues shortcomings can be forgotten: dead-end searches, pages changing continuously, complex interface, functionalities spread on several menus and pages, …

ZenBuyer creates tomorrow's catalogue environment:


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